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The HTC Incredible looks to be Verizon’s first Android 2.1 device. It offers the amazing Snapdragon CPU and 256MB of memory to support the newest version of Android, which has HTC’s Sense UI overlaid successfully on top. An interesting addition to the device is what appears to be an optical pointer, and camera enthusiasts can rest assured given the dual LED camera flashes. In terms of screen, we’re not 100% sure if it is a 3.5 or 3.7 WVGA device, or whether the screen is AMOLED based. Now we’re re-familiar with the device, it’s great news to hear that it may have already found its way onto Verizon’s inventory system.

Although this does not tell us when the device is set for release, it does confirm previous speculation as regards to what carrier will offer the device. Other websites have put two and two together and decided that CTIA’s expo held towards the end of march seems like a suitable time for the device’s official unveiling. As for us, we’re not so sure. Nonetheless, we’re happy to see another step towards release with this new inventory information.

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