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HTC Developer Site releases ICS ROM with Sense 3.6 for HTC Incredible S

A few months after HTC released the Over-The-Air update, they have finally put up the manual update on their HTCDev website. It comes in executable format, which is kind of odd. You must run this off of your computer in order to update your Incredible S. Included in the update is Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.
October 2, 2012
HTC Incredible S
A short time back, we brought you news that the HTC Incredible S was officially updated to Ice Cream Sandwich. Even though the flavor of the season is Jelly Bean, getting updated to Ice Cream Sandwich is still better than being left on Gingerbread. It has been a few months, but HTC has finally released the update for the HTC Incredible S to their developer site.

With the release, you can find releases for three different variations of the HTC Incredible S ICS update. One is for Canada, one is for Asia, and the last is for LATAM which presumably means Latin America. It is possible to flash these on the Incredible S from other regions, but it is not recommended.

Perhaps the most unusual fact about the release is that these all come in .exe format. Usually a HTC RUU comes in a zip file that is flashed from the bootloader. These are different. In order to use these to update, you plug your phone in and run the executable on your computer.

HTC Incredible S

What comes in the HTC Incredible S update?

The features are the same as the OTA update from a few months back. Even the version numbers should be pretty much identical. Except this time, you can update without a data connection. So you can expect all the features that come with getting Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 3.6. This includes a new HBoot version and a new radio version.

For many, taking the update may not be a good idea. If you have your bootloader unlocked with Revolutionary, then you will lose S-Off if you flash the update. This was also the reason why many didn’t accept the OTA update. So if you are rooted with a S-Off bootloader, you may want to wait for developers to create a version that won’t update your bootloader as well.

If you own the HTC Incredible S and want to update to ICS and Sense 3.6, then this is a marvelous release. However, if you’re rooted and your bootloader is unlocked, you may be better off waiting until developers release some custom ROMs instead. Aside from retaining an unlocked bootloader, developer-made ROMs are often modded and tweaked to perform better as well.

People looking to download the update can find it at the HTCDev website. Is anyone going to use this to get updated? Let us know!