Paul Golden introducing the Galaxy S-based Samsung Continuum on stage in November 2010. Courtesy of Engadget

Back in 2011, Samsung’s The Next Big Thing campaign was making Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller jealous. Now the man in charge with Samsung’s marketing at the time has joined HTC.

Paul Golden has become an adviser to HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wong sometime in the past few weeks, according to Bloomberg.

Golden was Samsung US’s Chief Marketing Officer/VP of Strategic Marketing between 2008 and early 2012. That period overlaps with Samsung’s rise in the smartphone business from a second-tier player to the biggest force bar Apple.

On his LinkedIn profile, Golden says he “created and launched the highly successful Galaxy brand for Samsung” and that he “led all marketing functions including brand strategy, advertising, traditional and digital media, [and more]”.

Now Paul Golden will advise HTC’s leadership and he’s focus will probably how to tell the world how good the One (M8) really is.

HTC declined to comment on the hire (which hasn’t been finalized, with Golden coming for an initial three-month stint). The company’s brass has long promised more focus on marketing, which everyone agrees is one of HTC’s weaknesses. Just last month, Chairwoman Wang and CEO Peter Chou told media they would have a “very aggressive” marketing campaign for the One (M8). But better marketing was a motif of HTC’s public communication ever since the One X.

To be clear, HTC can only invest in marketing a small fraction of what Samsung spent to build the Galaxy brand. But, with people like Golden on board, fortunes could turn for the beleaguered company.

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