HTC Hero

HTC Hero

I posted the Russell’s full written HTC Hero review this morning on  It’s about 3,000 words of Android goodness, and includes the 3 part video review and the unboxing video that he shot for us earlier.

Here’s Russell’s conclusion from the review:

The HTC Hero is a great handset that I thoroughly enjoyed using. Its older brother, the Magic, was great fun when I tested it a while back, but the Hero is better still and I’d happily use one as my everyday phone. It’s quite something for me to heartily recommend a touchscreen device, as (being a heavy texter/emailer) I’ve always been skeptical about using one full-time, but this is the first device that I’ve reviewed in 18 months that has triggered my ‘I need this gadget’ impulse. The mix of the fun Android UI, with HTC’s ‘Sense’ concept sprinkled on top is surely a winning formula, and aside from a lack of features on the otherwise fine camera and music player, the device has no real flaws to speak of.

Overall, I can happily give the HTC Hero a “Highly Recommended” rating without any second thoughts whatsoever. No other device that I’ve tested has been so easy to set up and so intuitive to use, whilst also being fun and functional. If you can get over the odd chin (I quite like it, actually) then this is surely a device to seriously consider.

Click on over to read it for yourself.