device4A couple of news points regarding Haykuro, famous for his recent exploits on the HTC Hero handset. First, it would appear as though Haykuro has stepped down from the XDA developers community due to other individuals leaking his builds without permission. More information is available over here at their forum. Furthermore, perhaps in a related act, Haykuro appears to have just released a complete unwatermarked official HTC Hero ROM for download and use. I am sure that this will be very popular among budding developers! The forum thread is currently closed while the moderator cleans the thread and removes all the “thank yous”. I don’t follow XDA so much, but it would seem to all be very confusing to me.

Back to the real world, set to land sometime this month on Orange in the UK, the HTC Hero looks to be a good all-round phone, with a clear advantage in the form of the user interface and little extras HTC have thrown in to separate this device from the others. Sure enough, however, we expect to see this software ported to other Android devices once the HTC Hero handset is released and widely available.

Attached is a new HTC Hero UI video that includes boot, a fiddle with the HTC Weather widget, the home screen slider function, menu selection and twitter. However, if you haven’t seen the previous videos, words cannot describe how much better this looks than the original Android; I am sure the Argentina fan has some more heroic moves up his sleeve. Video after the jump.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.