HTC heading to China

HTC heading to China

HTC have recently announced that they are looking to enter the Chinese market with their HTC Sense based handsets running Android 2.2, aka Froyo. This is great news for China because it has subsequently sparked a rush for local based manufacturers already operating in the area to upgrade their devices as fast as possible. This way, they hope they will not get left behind.

The benefit afforded by the inclusion of Froyo from the get-go is one that will not go unappreciated. Upgrading is often an annoying process that can cause angst among consumers. Ironically, HTC was one of the main proprietors of upgrade worries because their HTC Sense UI prevented those hand-sets from recieving a factory upgrade OTA from their respective carriers.

[ Via: Engadget, Source: HTC China ]

James Tromans

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