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Jelly Bean ported to HTC HD2, the phone that won’t die

July 16, 2012
htc-hd2 android

For Android fans, the HTC HD2 might not be a household name, but the significance of the circa 2009 Windows Mobile cannot be understated. In a day and age when twelve months old devices are considered obsolete, when pack leaders change with the season, and specs improve at a blistering pace, the HD2 shows that it is possible to create devices that have an intrinsic, time-transcending value.

Windows Mobile has failed spectacularly, but the HD2 community has kept on trucking. Enthusiasts have ported a variety of operating systems to the device, breathing new life in what would otherwise become a technological relic. And so we’ve seen HD2 running Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, MeeGo, Windows Phone 7.5, even Ubuntu.

Jelly Bean is not different from ICS, so It’s no surprise that some industrious folks found a way to port the latest version of Android to the venerable HTC HD2. To appreciate the importance of this accomplishment, consider that the HD2 is about the same age with Android 2.0 Éclair.

The port is not without flaw, but it’s still a pre-alpha version, so we can expect some improvements. For now, features that don’t work include the camera, web browsing (partially), and Google Now. You do get calls, mobile data, SMS, Bluetooth, USB mass storage, and others, but the port is not by any means a daily driver.

That being said, I am sure that many people will appreciate the effort that the community put into bringing Jelly Bean to HD2 and many other old devices. And it’s kind of sad to see that much newer devices are thrown to the end of life bin by manufacturers and carriers.