And then there was the HTC Endeavour 2. A device so cloaked in mystery, nobody even knows what size it is. The specs on this seem to point towards it being the HTC One X+. A speedy 1.7GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor along with more RAM and rumored compatibility with existing One X goodies are definite hints.

However, this exteremly blurry photo doesn’t show much beyond the HTC logo and what appears to be a bit larger screen, if this was taken at in-hand aspect ratio. We’re also wondering what phone took this picture! That doesn’t even look like 3MP to us.

Right now, the rumors are floating about as to whether this is a 5″ device or just a 4.7″, but either way, its anyone’s guess. As far as the name is concerned, take it with a grain of salt. HTC Endeavour 2 is what Chinese forums think it will be named. Stay locked in as the details trickle in over the next few months!

With the little that we know, is this a device you might consider buying?

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