One of my favorite Android manufacturers, HTC said about a month ago that the HTC Flyer would be getting a Honeycomb update and late last night, early this morning they made good on that promise. All of us with the wifi-only version of the HTC Flyer can now download the Honeycomb update and start experiencing the greatness of Honeycomb.

With the update you’ll get Android 3.2, speed improvements, wallpaper lag is gone, and other goodies that come with Honeycomb. We’ve heard from many people on Twitter that the update makes their Flyer feel like it’s brand new. With it being more smooth then ever, and little to no lag on other features.

Now the question that HTC Flyer owners are going to ask is when or if it will get Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0. In my opinion I don’t think there will be an official update from HTC, but I am sure our developer community will make a few custom ROM’s for Flyer owners to use and abuse. Where the Flyer is getting close to End of Life status, I really don’t see it getting Ice Cream Sandwich from HTC. But who knows, anything can happen in the world of Android.

How’s the Honeycomb update working out for you? Let us know in the comments how much you like or dislike this update.

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