As you can easily tell by reading the title, HTC Flyer owners started to get the Honeycomb update today over the air. The update (version 3.55.405.1) weighs in at 210MB and is currently rolling out over the air to all 32GB 3G + WiFi HTC 7-inch Flyer owners. However, if you’re anything less than a mind reader, you are probably wondering what else we mean by the rest of the title of this article.

The HTC Flyer comes in two main versions, 16GB WiFi-Only and 32GB 3G and WiFi. The price difference between the two is $200 excluding the data plan for the 3G version. Furthermore, the update that came out today is only for the more expensive version. Yep, HTC is being biased to the people who paid more. To HTC, this makes complete sense.

As for the rest of the WiFi only customers, HTC just confirmed on Facebook that the GSM 3G version of the Flyer gets the Honeycomb update today, the update for WiFi-only users is “coming soon.” So don’t worry, you don’t have to wait much longer.

Did you get the update? If so, let us know how it looks in the comments below.
Didn’t get the update? If so, complain to HTC right here. Let them know how disgusted the HTC Flyer WiFi community is.

Source: Engadget

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