Well, what do you know! It seems that Digitimes was right on the money (for a change) with that report from last week, when it started the rumor that HTC was looking to release one or several tablets by the end of the year.

We did spot a mysterious unreleased 10-incher from HTC a few days ago, but we were ready to bet (as we are now) that the leaked tab was either a big fat fake, or some kind of concept never to become reality. What might just become reality however is a 7-inch HTC Flyer 2 aimed at going head-to-head with budget-conscious Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, but probably with second-edition Fire(s) and the iPad Mini as well.

I’m as baffled as you probably are by HTC’s decision to follow on the footsteps of a 2011 tablet that never really took off, but the Flyer 2’s existence has been confirmed by a “source in the know” close to Phone Arena, so it might not be just a made-up rumor.

According to the undisclosed source, the second Flyer will sport a 1280 x 768 pix resolution 7-inch display and feature a 28 nm dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip. Not special, you say?

Well, what if I tell you that HTC is planning to release the new 7-incher with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board and dual 3 MP/1 MP cameras? And that it is set to be just 0.28 inches (7.1 mm) thick, undercutting both the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire? Intrigued now?

I for one really am, especially that Phone Arena suspects the Flyer 2 to come with an anodized aluminum body similar to that of the HTC One S, but also with an “affordable” price point. Exactly how affordable, we don’t know just yet. But if it will be a $250 max for a model with 16 GB of internal memory, we can clearly see it compete in the same league as the Nexus 7.

A bunch of questions remain to be answered, including whether HTC is planning to make the Flyer 2 available with an optional stylus similar to that of last year’s 7-incher. Hopefully, though, we won’t be left guessing for much longer. After all, we do know that there’s an HTC NY special event scheduled for September 19, and we really hope to see the Flyer 2 flexing its muscles next to that juicy 5-inch phablet we’ve been hearing about.

Who here thinks that HTC stands a chance in a tooth and nail fight against Google and Amazon? Could the Flyer 2 at least beat Samsung’s 7-inch offerings to the punch?

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