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HTC EVO 4G LTE is coming to Sprint and BestBuy today, only pre-orders to be fulfilled

May 24, 2012

Sprint’s own take on the HTC One X, the EVO 4G LTE, should have started shipping almost a week ago, but the release had to be delayed due to an import ban. Fortunately, HTC and Sprint managed to get everything in order blazing fast, and, as promised the day before yesterday, pre-ordered EVO 4G LTE phones will start shipping today.

The news isn’t officially confirmed, but we have several trustworthy sources telling us that Sprint and BestBuy will cover all pre-orders made for the EVO 4G LTE by the end of the day. InsideSprintNow has been tipped about Sprint pre-orders, while the guys at AndroidCentral managed to get their hands on a leaked memo from BestBuy, saying that “pre-orders can be fulfilled beginning as soon as inventory arrives”.

If you’ve been one of the first to place your pre-order on Sprint’s or BestBuy’s websites, you should therefore expect to get that tasty EVO 4G LTE package on your doorstep, as soon as this morning. As for those of you who haven’t placed a pre-order just yet, but want to get an EVO 4G LTE as soon as possible, it’s still difficult to say when you’ll be able to see the phone in stock, either online or offline.

InsideSprintNow is predicting May 25 (which is tomorrow) as the new official release date of the phone, with thousands of devices possibly coming to Sprint and BestBuy stores. However, that’s just an assumption and should not be taken very seriously right now. It is possible that pre-orders for the phone have simply wiped out the prepared stocks for the launch.

Moreover, BestBuy’s leaked internal memo says that “there may be customers who pre-ordered after May 21 who will not receive a device with this initial shipment”. Wow! Exactly how many of these were pre-ordered, that Sprint and BestBuy can’t handle all the shipments at once?

We expected HTC’s new flagship to hit it big, as it’s probably the most powerful Android smartphone available (at least until the Galaxy S3 will start shipping). But this whole madness seems a bit too much.

Did you pre-order an HTC EVO 4G LTE from either Sprint or BestBuy? If so, would you be so kind to drop us a line below, when and if you will receive your spanking new phone? Thanks and don’t forget to check back to our website to find out the device’s new official release date, set to be announced very soon!