htc evo 4g lte google wallet

Sprint’s recently launched HTC EVO 4G LTE appears to have a Google Wallet problem, and, while some people may have pointed the finger at the carrier for the mobile payment woes, it would appear that it’s a software glitch that’s causing all the commotion.

Google has confirmed to The Verge that the various errors with Google Wallet, including a notification that says the service is not certified “in your country or on your device / carrier” are caused by a software issue with the phone’s NFC chip.

The company is working with HTC and Sprint to solve the problem, and a software update is going to be rolled out at some point in the near future to restore Google Wallet functionality on the EVO 4G LTE. Unfortunately, neither Google nor its partners have mentioned when said update is going to hit.

This recent Google Wallet incident will certainly not help Google popularize its mobile payment service. Moreover, the company is going to have plenty of competition in the mobile payment business from various players interested in having a say in mobile transactions. In addition to Isis, a joint Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile mobile payment system, Sprint is also planning to launch its own independent solution called Touch.

Furthermore, Microsoft has its own smartphone wallet plans and Apple is also expected to make some sort of a move in the mobile payment business at some point in the future.

Are you using Google Wallet on any Android device?