Okay, so there’s been a photo of a slightly amused President Obama holding the HTC Evo 3D. Apart from a solid proof that his administration runs on Android, we have good reason to believe that Obama prefers the Android smartphone OS.

So in this photo, the President’s with two other people—a blond white lady who apparently is a wife of a Nascar racer; and another bearded guy who, presumably, is a representative of HTC (either that or he’s just an unknown person taking interest on what the President is looking at).

Sources say that the HTC Evo 3D is not the phone of the President. He was simply watching a racing highlight on the phone; probably something HTC is doing to show off their 3D phone. And yeah, the President seems mildly disinterested.


One thing we hope is that HTC won’t use this picture in any of their marketing campaigns on the Evo 3D.

Christine Torralba
Christine Torralba has been a freelance writer for the past couple of years. While most of her work has been ghostwritten, she has also contributed articles to magazines such as SPARK, Monday, Vault and Epic. In her spare time, she cooks, takes photos of food, and manages to write about it on her food blog.