t mobile htc g2

If you’re less than impressed with T-Mobile’s current Android lineup, despite the recent confirmation of the Galaxy Note, word has it there’s a new HTC handset that will be heading to T-Mo in September. Thanks to a leaked internal document that TmoNews has gotten their hands on, we now know about a certain HTC Era 42 model. So what could this mysterious HTC phone be?

With speculation going into overdrive, it seems the strongest candidate – or what folks hope for the most — is that the phone will be the successor to the fan favorite T-Mobile G series. Pointing out how close the rumored release date is to the anniversary of the T-Mobile G2, there’s a possibility that the HTC Era 42 is a placeholder name for the T-Mobile G3. Of course, this would mean the Taiwanese backtracking on their earlier stance about forgoing any new phones with slide-out keyboards…

Let’s fuel the rumor mill even more. What if the HTC Era 42 is part of the rumored 5 Nexus devices? For some, owning a QWERTY phone with a pure Google experience is as close as it gets to Android perfection.

But don’t get your hopes up yet, as really this isn’t based on any solid information. We don’t know any specs and other details of the HTC Era 42 – except that it might hit T-Mobile on September 26. We shouldn’t discount the possibility of it being a variant of the HTC One X as well.

What do you think? Would you like to see T-Mobile going back to its HTC roots for the G3?