HTC users are now going to enjoy more data storage capacity, thanks to a recent tie-up between HTC and Dropbox. Today, via Facebook, HTC shared the good news to its users that Dropbox will come pre-installed on all its upcoming Android phones, giving all its users 5 GB of free cloud storage on Dropbox (more than the standard of 2 GB of storage).

Although, HTC did not clarify whether existing users will also enjoy this cloud-enabled file sharing application.

It appears that HTC’s strategy is to make its phones more appealing by giving those who will buy HTC phones free cloud storage rather than just focusing on adding more features to their phones. This appears to be a smart strategy because there are tons of online services, yet users cannot fully enjoy them much because the data capacity gets used up rapidly.

HTC pledged last month to provide 5 GB of free storage from Dropbox to users of new phones that have HTC Sense 3.5 preinstalled.  HTC has also started leveraging cloud-based storage for HTC users through the website, where users can automatically backup important text message, call history, contacts, data, and customizations. HTC also invested in the OnLive gaming service, which streams games to HTC Tablets.

Having Dropbox to provide the storage capacity for users will be a plus and a good way to differentiate the HTC phones from the rest. Dropbox is capable of syncing files between any platform, a great advantage for users who want to access important files everywhere they go.

As HTC equips its phones with Dropbox, would this strategy prevail if Google releases its long-rumored Google Drive?  Many are expecting that it would be similar to Dropbox where stuff from your Android phone can be automatically synced or backed-up. While Dropbox is looking to offer 5 GB, Google Drive is expected to have around 10 to 50 GB. Do you think this HTC-Dropbox partnership will succeed?