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Verizon is closing out HTC Droid inventory in preparation of the HTC One

In preparation of the HTC One, Verizon is now clearing out its stock for the HTC Droid DNA and HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Read on to learn more!
June 19, 2013

Earlier this month Verizon finally confirmed what we all knew already, the HTC One would be coming over to the Big Red carrier. Unfortunately, they were pretty vague with their release timeframe, simply suggesting “late summer”.

Luckily we are now seeing a pretty strong sign that launch day is coming soon. According to Droid Life, several Verizon stores are running promo sales for the Droid DNA and Incredible 4G LTE in an attempt to clear out remaining inventory in time for the HTC One’s arrival.

What’s interesting here is that Verizon is clearing out both existing HTC Droid-branded devices, with no apparent HTC Droid replacement in sight.


So what does this mean? It could mean many different things.

It could simply mean that Verizon wants to focus completely on the HTC One, and feels that it’s time to cut loose these older HTC Droid models. It’s also possible that the HTC One could be arriving with Droid branding.

Considering Verizon specifically referred to the device as the HTC One, this seems unlikely, but again we can’t say for sure. Another possible theory is that Verizon is launching both the HTC One and Droid DNA 2.

With the HTC Butterfly S now official, it makes sense that Verizon might plan on launching the smartphone as a Droid-branded alternative to the HTC One later this year. Again, that’s just speculation.

What adds some fuel to the Droid fire is that the @DroidLanding twitter account recently reactivated in conjunction with some kind of augmented reality Droid-branded game. These changes could mean that Verizon has new plans in store for the Droid brand. Or it could have absolutely nothing to do with the HTC One or the discontinuation of these two phones, hard to say for sure.