The HTC Droid DNA, also known as the HTC DLX or HTC Droid Incredible X, is the Verizon-bound HTC J Butterfly version that will soon compete against other Android phablets that are already available from the carrier including the LG Intuition and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

We’ve seen plenty of Droid DNA leaks already, but we’ve have even more unofficial information to share with you, with weeks to go until this device becomes official. Android Community reports that the handset will be available on December 6 and that it will cost $249 with new two-year contract, or $50 more than initially believed.

While we can’t confirm availability details just yet, we can tell you that the device has been spotted at the FCC, which suggests we’re getting closer and closer to the moment Verizon finally decides to make this beast official.

The Commission confirmed CDMA and LTE support for the handset, as well as HSPA+ connectivity for global roaming purposes. The name is yet to be confirmed though, as the Droid DNA is listed simply as the HTC6435LVW by the FCC.

Anyone looking forward to buy the HTC Droid DNA when it comes out? Or are you rather more interested in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – in case you’re not sure which one to get, here’s our comparison between the J Butterfly and the new Note to help you decide.

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