Mind-boggling full HD display – check. Decent battery, at least considering the size and resolution of that panel – check. Absolute software freedom, spiced with an unlockable bootloader and kernel source code released – check, check and check.

Still not happy with HTC and Verizon’s Droid DNA? How about if you can check the box for affordable on-contract pricing too? Oh, now you’re interested. Well, if that’s so, head on over to Amazon Wireless and get this bad boy for just $149.99.

That’s $50 off the regular list price, but you’re going to have to commit to a new two-year agreement with Big Red, upgrade or add a line to an existing family account. Amazon might also test your patience a bit, with the device currently listed as “backordered”, but you should still get it in time for Christmas.

Or you can try via Wirefly, the first retailer to have this up for grabs for 150 bucks, though things might get even trickier there – the phone is listed with a pretty discouraging “ships when available” tag. What will it be, guys?

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