When HTC unveiled the splendid 1080p J Butterfly “phablet” in Japan, it was pretty obvious that the States were going to be next in line to get the monster phone. After a string of leaks and speculations, Verizon confirmed the launch under the Droid DNA branding, but a few things remained in a fog.

The most important unanswered question was if the 5-incher was going to see the light of day outside Japan and US too. This is still somewhat unclear, but if we are to trust the nice folks over at ePrice, there’s a very good shot at least other Asian countries will be getting it after all.

According to “sources”, December 6 will be the super-phone’s launch date in China, while Taiwan will be getting it on the 10th. The DNA should be released under the DLX moniker there in three colors – white, black and brown.

No words on a European release just yet, but ePrice has been resourceful enough to dig up a few new renders of the DLX. These fall quite nicely in line with previous leaks, but also with J Butterfly’s official design, though there will be a few subtle differences here and there.

The overall look is extremely elegant and clean, while the thin profile is eye-catching, but a bit worrying in a sense. As far as we can tell, the DLX is basically as slim as the J Butterfly, which means that it could carry the same mediocre 2,020 mAh battery, despite rumors that said otherwise.

Meanwhile, the serial leakers over at @evleaks have themselves come out with one last unofficial render of the Droid DNA, with a Verizon logo on the front. The pic unfortunately doesn’t focus on the phone’s profile, so it’s hard to figure out if this’ll come with a 2,020 or a 2,500 mAh battery.

Oh, well, we’re only hours away from the DNA’s New York unveiling and just one week before its release, so all of the puzzle pieces should fall into place very, very soon. Who’s excited? And who’ll be tuning in on our website tomorrow for some exclusive NY coverage and all the info on the Droid DNA?

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