The HTC Droid DNA suddenly went missing a few days ago from Verizon’s website, prompting some speculation in the Android community. Some rumors claimed the Droid DNA would be replaced by the HTC One on Verizon as the “Droid DNA Plus”. With Verizon obsessed with adding the word “Droid” to the names of all of  its devices, the gossip didn’t seem that far-fetched.

However, the Droid DNA is now back on Verizon’s website, albeit with a changed product ID – from 6103, the code was updated to 6691. The ID change could mean that Verizon has been updating its database, potentially paving the way for the successor of the DNA. Of course, we may also be reading too much into it and it’s just a case of wishful thinking.

Verizon has yet to release an official statement on the issue.

Here’s our review of the Droid DNA.

If you’re interested in the 5-inch full HD smartphone, the Droid DNA is still available on Verizon for $199.99 on a new two-year contract.

Mike Stenger
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