Last February, it was made known that the HTC Desire will be getting Gingerbread this forthcoming June 2011. But, it looks like HTC Desire has had enough of the soft served OS so soon. A representative from ThreeUK in Europe tweeted that they are already starting test runs of Gingerbread for the HTC Desire and will most likely have it before April ends or possibly the earliest time next month. I bet Britons are already excited to have a taste of Gingerbread right out of the oven for their HTC Desire. Also, the OS update for the Desire seems to be coming in Sweden as well. You got to be ready for that, Swedes.

But there is also some bad news concerning the Gingerbread update. I’m afraid that there’s a need to clear some internal storage space to give enough room for the Gingerbread in the HTC Desire.  Well, it looks like Desire users who love games and have a lot of apps stored will  have to make a sacrifice. Nevertheless, we suggest that you can try rooting your Desire so that games and apps will be directly installed in the SD card. You also have a choice to do away with rubbish like the UI and choose to experience pure Google goodness and free up some space to boot.

The question now remains – Are you willing to push the HTC Desire to its limits and give up a gratifying experience? Or should you give HTC Desire a shot for a Gingy goodness? Thoughts?