What is produced if you get a multi award-winning smartphone like the HTC Desire and enhance it? The answer is the HTC Desire S. This particularly appealing 3.7 inch Android phone has a stronger, yet slimmer unibody design, and style we think you’ll really like.

HTC Desire S

Indeed, the HTC Desire S is one of HTC’s best. But the HTC Incredible S should not be ignored. Just a glimpse of it and you know it’s something extraordinary. The elegance of it, and its chic design are so exceptional that it stands out from any angle. Yep, the HTC Incredible S is a phone that impresses the senses.

HTC Incredible S

These two top caliber smartphones from HTC had a successful debut in the US and have received extremely positive feedback. And now, the HTC Desire S and HTC Incredible S are already available in Australia brought to you by MobiCity. You better get ready for that, Aussies!

HTC Desire S will have a pricetag of AUD$700 and it comes with Gingerbread goodness. On the other hand, unfortunately, HTC Incredible S won’t be running Gingerbread for now just like the version in other countries. For those who would prefer to have the smartphones under contract, you can get it on Telstra soon.

Via: Unwired View