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HTC preparing two new handsets, the Desire P and Desire Q

It looks like HTC is set to release two new members to its Desire family this year, the Desire P (model T326h) and Desire Q (T328h).
March 15, 2013

It looks like HTC is set to release two new members to its Desire family this year, the HTC Desire P (model T326h) and HTC Desire Q (T328h). The news comes by way of a leak that indicates that the handsets have both recently been given regulatory approval in Taiwan.

The Desire P and Q aren’t the only new members of this range that have been unveiled this year, as the HTC Desire U was introduced in January, with Android ICS onboard. If we are lucky, the HTC Desire P and Q will step things up a notch and come with Jelly Bean right out of the box.

Being honest, at the moment we really know very little about these either of these models, other than the handsets are supposed to feature 3G. Hell, we don’t even have any images of the devices at this stage. That said, we can make a few estimated guesses.

First off, now that the handsets have been approved, they could be officially unveiled within the next few months.

Second, you can pretty much bet that the handsets will either be low-end or midrange. Why is that? Right now, the HTC One is the company’s focus on the high-end, and HTC has even confirmed that it will be their only flagship handset released this year.

Even with little real information to go on, we can tell you that there probably isn’t much to be excited about here unless you are simply looking for an affordable, mid or lowrange handset (though we could be wrong). HTC has put most of its focus into ensuring that the HTC One is a hit, and so if you want an HTC smartphone that is both powerful and a head-turner, look no further than the company’s newest flagship.