The once upon a time mighty HTC Desire line of smartphones has been tainted by one too many mid-rangers lately, but that can’t stop HTC from refreshing the family with yet another modest duo. Why would it, right?

The Desire P and Q have first come to our attention a couple of weeks ago, but the first specifics have only been revealed yesterday. We can’t know for sure if the leaked pics are real, but they do look legit, so we’ll take them for granted for now.

Expected out in China and Taiwan by the end of April, both the P and Q seem to resemble two existing members of the Desire line – the SV and U. In fact, among the leaked P specs and features, there’s only one that sets it apart from last year’s SV – a front-facing camera.

The 4.3-inch display boasts the same run-of-the-mill 800 x 480 pixels resolution, the processor is once again a dual-core unit clocked at 1 GHz, there’s Beats Audio technology (yawn!), an 8 MP rear-facing snapper and microSD support.

In terms of design, the P doesn’t set itself apart from the SV either, although there will be different color options – white and red instead of “radical yellow” and “stealth black”. No words on the on-board software for now, but that’s probably where the P should step it up Jelly Bean style compared with its ICS-running predecessor.

As for pricing, we’re hearing the Desire P will go for the equivalent of $365 over in Asia, which, to be frank, sounds a little extravagant for what this fellow has to offer.

But let’s not completely neglect the Q either, even if we only know it’ll come in black, white and red packing a 4-inch display and Beats Audio. Judging by the obvious similarities with the recently released U, we expect the little guy to come with similar specs – 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 5 MP camera – and hopefully Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The Desire Q is said to go for $235 outright in China and Taiwan, which again is not the textbook definition of dirt-cheap.

Are we missing something? Are you more excited about the Desire P and Q or do the phones look like unnecessary upgrade wannabes from where you’re standing too?