HTC Desire HD on Amazon UK

HTC Desire HD on Amazon UK

For a short moment the HTC Desire HD apparently made a surprise appearance on the Amazon UK website. The HTC Desire HD, also known to some as the HTC Ace, is alleged to be a 4.3-inch, 8MP touting Android 2.2 smartphone.

According to the leaked screenshot, the device will become available for £415 ($650) but due to the fact we only have an image to work with, we cannot look into the HTML code behind to see if there are any other juicy its of information to piece together. Amazon pulled the listing shortly after posting it, which has only led to a reduction in speculation and a confirmation that the device is on its way.

However, the rumor is that it will have a uni-bodied aluminium design, although we haven’t heard anything about the HTC Desire HD/Ace making its way stateside. After all, the original HTC Desire took its sweet time in making the trip across the pond.

[Via Electric Pig]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.