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Reports about HTC’s upcoming Eye device are flying in, and they’re quite confusing.

Last week, we heard from two relatively good sources@upleaks and @LlabTooFeR – that the Eye (codename) is a selfie-centric version of the One (M8).

Now @upleaks is muddying the waters – or clearing them, depending on how you look at it – with a report claiming the Eye is actually a Desire device. That, or there actually two Eye devices coming. Here’s the tweet:

And here’s another pic allegedly showing this device:

htc desire eye (2)

If this Desire Eye is real, its specifications are a notch above what we typically get from devices in the Desire line, and they’re even comparable to the flagship One (M8) and Butterfly 2.

The most interesting aspect is the presence of 13MP cameras on the front and the back of the device, a setup that we haven’t seen before on mainstream devices. The front facing camera will sport a dual-LED flash, just like the rear camera, which should make for some great self-portraits. The front camera will feature a wide-angle f 2.0 lens as well, to capture as much of the scene as possible.

The design of the Desire Eye resembles a bit the Desire 820, with its simple lines, plastic build, and two-color scheme. Interestingly, the device will be water resistant, a feature we don’t see on many HTCs.

HTC seemingly wants to market the Desire Eye as the “ultimate selfie phone,” but the Taiwanese company will reportedly bring more “selfie-specialized” functions to the rest of its roster, as well, including: One (M8), Butterfly 2, One (E8), and One Mini 2. These functions should land before the Android L update, according to @upleaks.

Whether it’s from the One family or the Desire family, the Eye will become official on October 8 at HTC’s Double Exposure event, alongside the Re Camera action camera.

Would you be interested in a smartphone with two 13MP cameras?

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