Remember back when rumors suggested that Verizon’s 5-inch HTC smartphone will be called the HTC Deluxe or the HTC Droid DNA? Well the rumors weren’t that wrong.

Verizon did announce the HTC Droid DNA at a special media event a few days ago, but that doesn’t mean the HTC Deluxe moniker will go to waste. In fact, it looks like the international version of the Droid DNA will be known as the Deluxe with international carriers.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the @evleaks Twitter account that offers us a first picture of the HTC Deluxe, and we have no reason not to trust them considering that various Droid DNA images were made public by the same account. Here’s the short message that goes with that picture:

HTC Deluxe, global edition

However, we have no idea when the Deluxe will hit international markets – or other U.S. carriers for that matter – but it would definitely be in HTC’s interest to launch the handset as fast as possible.

We assume the Deluxe will be fairly similar to the Droid DNA and J Butterfly when it comes to main specs and features, but we’ll be back with more details once we have them.

Meanwhile, we remind you that the Droid DNA can be used with any GSM carrier in the world, in case waiting for the Deluxe to arrive is not an option.

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