Just a few days ago we showed you a new set of press images for the HTC Deluxe DLX, which appears to be the name of the international Droid DNA / J Butterfly version. But now we hear the Deluxe DLX may not hit European markets, and the news comes straight from HTC.

A potential German Deluxe DLX buyer posted on the company’s German Facebook fan page a link to a news story showing the same pictures we mentioned earlier this week. And HTC was quick to answer that the Deluxe “will unfortunately not come to Europe.”

So where is the HTC Deluxe DLX heading too? Is this a name for an entirely different market? Is Europe going to get the 5-inch smartphone at a latter date and under a different name?

We can’t answer these questions yet, but it’s very clear that one of the “issues” HTC need to correct when it comes to its high-end smartphones is naming structure. And then the company should maybe try to go for almost simultaneous launches in multiple markets, just as other smartphone makers are doing these days.

What do you think, European Android device buyers, about this rather disappointing news?

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