HTC is in major fiscal trouble, no point in denying it. They’ve had some great phones over the years, but recently the company has had failure after failure, throwing them behind in innovation and thus driving down sales.

According to industry supply chain resources, HTC has decided to take drastic measures in attempts to turn a profit, which includes slashing the prices on all of its model ranges. This doesn’t just mean current devices either, even upcoming Android and Windows Phone 8 devices will start with smaller price points than originally planned.

This is great for consumers because it means they’ll have an opportunity to get a good phone for a cheaper price, but ultimately it spells further doom for HTC. Slashing prices down dramatically isn’t a fix, it’s only a measure used as a stay of execution, so to speak. What’s needed to turn it around? A good start would be to focus on innovative handsets, like they used to be know for. If continued rumors of a Facebook phone built by HTC prove to be true, that could help them regain a little bit of lost momentum as well.

If HTC continues to head south it is likely that they will either close shop for good or sell themselves off to the highest bidder. Would you miss HTC if it does in fact perish?

Right now, it’s hard to say what the future for HTC will look like. Companies come back from major slumps all the time. Is all this doom and gloom uncalled for, perhaps HTC is in fact due for a comeback?

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