HTC Click

HTC Click

Well, here’s a nice video (and photos) of the HTC Click.  It was created by in Vietnam, and shows the phone next to an HTC Magic, to give you a better idea of its size.  As you can see, it is about the same size as the Magic, but is a bit shorter.  This is probably due to the display, which looks like a QVGA resolution resistive deal, such as the ones used on many of HTC’s Windows Mobile smartphones.

Of note is the fact that this version of the Click, at least, is not running HTC’s Sense-based user interface, which we’ve seen on the Hero and know is coming to the Magic in some markets, at least.

You can also see that this device is running Donut (what should end up being Android 1.6) and is GSM based, and that there is obvious WiFi support.  All in all, it looks very much like a version of the original HTC Touch running Android, from a hardware perspective.

Video and gallery after the jump:

Update: It appears that the video has been made private.  My guess is that the local HTC reps were putting some pressure on Tinhte.  If anybody knows what really happened, please let us know in the comments.

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