HTC announced a 1080p smartphone in mid-October called the J Butterfly. We wondered when it would land in other countries, and sure enough it launched in the United States about a month later as the Droid DNA on Verizon. But what about Europe and other Asian countries? We heard it was going to be called the DLX, but it turns out those rumors were incorrect. HTC has finally made this thing official, and it’s simply called “Butterfly”. It looks exactly like the device we first saw almost two months ago, it obviously has the exact same specs, but sadly we still don’t know two key pieces of information: When is it going to come out and how much is it going to cost?

Another thing that bugs us is just how many flagship devices HTC has announced in the span of 12 months. The One X was unveiled in February, then it started shipping two months later. Then the upgraded One X+ was announced in October, and it shipped during the same month. Now we have the Butterfly. Whatever happened to the One series and HTC’s attempt to stop diluting their brand? And with Mobile World Congress just two months away, how long will the Butterfly be the cock of the walk?

We hate when companies do this, and regrettably HTC isn’t the only one. Remember the Optimus 4X HD and how it was supposed to be the world’s first quad core smartphone? It hit the market during the summer. Then in September LG announced the Optimus G. Seriously, what are the people working at these companies thinking?

So should you buy the Butterfly? If it’s on store shelves in your country by the end of this month, and you need a smartphone, then sure, why not?

But if you have patience then we say wait.

Update: We skipped over something important. The Butterfly has a microSD card slot, whereas the Droid DNA does not. We know this is important to some of you.

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