HTC Butterfly Press Shots 600px wide (4)

As reported a few days ago, we know HTC that will be setting its Butterfly free to India later this month for the pricey sum of INR 44,000 or $815. Now, for something seemingly equally outrageous, the 5-inch 1080p phone has received its expected price tag when it touches down in Russia.

According to FocusTaiwan, the HTC Butterfly will be selling for the equivalent of NT$27,000 in Rusia. At today’s conversion rate, it means Russian folks who want to get their hands on HTC’s latest flagship smartphone will have to dole out $930. This bad boy sure doesn’t come cheap!

While the release date for Russia is still missing, we can tell you that the HTC Butterfly is already available – albeit in limited quantity — in several Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, for about $750. HTC enthusiasts in Indonesia can expect the Butterfly to land in Q1 2013 at a similar price.

Seeing that the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be announced for another couple of months, HTC should use the opportunity to crank up the marketing machine for the Butterfly. We’re just not sure that the current price point of the phone is attractive enough for buyers.  What do you think?


Bams Sadewo
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