The HTC Droid DNA has become a big hit with critics and customers alike in the U.S., with the Taiwanese phone maker reporting that its monthly sales were on the up. We’re sure HTC is keen on emulating this success to other markets.

We learned yesterday that the Droid DNA, which is officially known as the HTC Butterfly for the international market, is coming to mainland China in mid-December. What about the rest of the world?

Although we heard last month that HTC may not be bringing its 5-inch flagship smartphone to Europe, it doesn’t stop Expansys Italy from opening the pre-order page for the HTC Butterfly. The price hasn’t been listed yet on the page, but we’re probably looking at €599 – €699.

It’s worth mentioning that unlike its American counterpart, the HTC Butterfly will come with a microSD card slot.

Head to the retailer’s website now if you’re interested.

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