Although many frowned upon the launch of a new HTC flagship phone so close after the One X and One X+ releases, the Droid DNA (aka J Butterfly) might have just brought the Taiwanese a much needed breath of fresh air financial-wise.

With that in mind, HTC is doing everything possible to continue milking the 1080p cash cow that’s only been available in Japan and the US so far, releasing it internationally hours ago as simply the “Butterfly”. What HTC failed to announce at the time, but did so eventually is when people should expect the “beast”.

For now, we only know when Chinese folks should start looking for it in stores, but that’s a start, isn’t it? China Unicom is scheduled to make it available around “mid-December” (which is only a week away) for a pretty hefty price in black, white, but also brown (funky!).

The Butterfly will go for 4,799 yuan off-contract, which translates into around $762 based on the current conversion rates. That’s definitely not affordable, but it’s not very bad either and it keeps the hope up of seeing the big guy go for $650 or around that mark in Europe.

Aside from availability details and specs (which are identical to DNA’s features, save for the adding of a microSD slot), HTC has also showed a nice new commercial. You can check it out below, but try to focus on the phone and not just the pretty girl(s).

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