Do you remember Dashwire? Probably not, but it was a great service designed to make device setup easier. The cloud storage service was meant to make all of your settings and preferences portable to any device, making for a truly cohesive experience.

So, what happened to it? HTC bought it, and shelved it. Perhaps HTC had plans for it all along, or maybe they revisited the concept and realized it had a ton of potential. Either way, the return of Dashwire is a welcome addition to the Android landscape. While we don’t know much about what HTC intends for the service to be, it’s worth noting that they plan to make it available to “leading” Android device makers.

If a service that ports all your info and settings to other devices sounds like heaven, you’re not alone. The device setup process has long annoyed users who simply want to turn the device on and get going. We don’t want to fiddle with settings and make all new folders of apps… we just want to get on with life. Dashwire solves much of that frustration, so we look forward to seeing just how HTC implements it.

Then again, we’re due for an Android update soon, and a feature like this is one Google is hopefully thinking about. Something like Dashwire being implemented straight into Android would be heaven for those of us who like getting new devices fairly regularly. Will the Android faithful be rewarded with such riches in Key Lime Pie? Only time will tell.

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