Say hello to the first live picture of the HTC Bravo.  The picture, uncovered by Omio, shows some interesting hardware design cues such as an optical joystick, asymmetrical button interface and physical buttons as opposed to the touch sensitive type.  Rumored to be launching with T-Mobile UK sometime in March and possibly free with a 2 year contract, this device is said to be toe to toe with Google’s Nexus One in terms of specs.  Current officially known specs are a 3.7-inch display with multitouch capabilities, 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, the newest iteration of Android OS, updated Sense UI, and the beefy Snapdragon processor turning the gears.  The name “Bravo” cannot be confirmed at this time and there are no details on if this device will launch anywhere outside of Europe.  Does this have all of the goods or what, whose hoping for a worldwide release on this beauty?  Hit the jump for a bigger pic but don’t look directly at the screen or you may burn out your retinas due to the brightness.

[via Omio]

HTC Bravo