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HTC bouncing back? Q4 looks good according to Morgan Stanley

Is HTC finally on the comeback trail after a forgettable year? It looks like Q4 sales are strong and the Droid DNA or J Butterfly has got people excited.
December 10, 2012

According to analysts at Morgan Stanley HTC is going to hit its sales targets for Q4 of 2012 thanks to the new Android flagship (Droid DNA or J Butterfly), Windows 8 releases, and the popularity of its mid-range devices in China. The volume estimate for Q1 of 2013 has gone up to 8 million units due to expectations that the Droid DNA/J Butterfly will continue to sell well. That bumps up earnings projections as well.

An analyst at Morgan Stanley, Jasmine Lu, said:

“It’s early to conclude that HTC can return to its peak, but good feedback on new devices, U.S. smartphone demand re-acceleration from the fourth quarter, and an expanding premium Chinese market bode well for its share trend and operating leverage.”

HTC’s share price has been climbing and the HTC J Butterfly is set to launch in Taiwan on December 11, just before the iPhone 5 goes on sale. It should also hit the Japanese market at around the same time. Since early signs look good in the U.S. and China, this new 5-inch flagship could be the hit device that HTC has been searching for.

The Q4 sales target that HTC is expected to hit is $2.06 billion. As brand awareness and market share start to climb alongside that share price it could be a good 2013 for HTC. That battle for third place in the smartphone market behind Samsung and Apple is going to be tough in the coming year, but HTC might just be in with a shot.