Last week, HTC launched as the future home of its official bootloader unlocking tool. The long-awaited occupant of that home has finally arrived–with unlocking powers for two HTC devices for now.

HTC Dev just updated its developer site yesterday and the awfully named Unlock Bootloader functionality is now online. As of now, the tool can unlock the bootloader of only the European version of the HTC Sensation (FOTA 1.45.401.2). The HTC EVO 3D (Sprint) and the HTC Sensation 4G (T-Mobile USA) are grayed out on the list and may still not be unlockable, but the fact that they’re on the list probably suggests that those two are next up. We can expect more HTC devices to appear on the list of supported devices in the coming days.

The site walks you through the steps of the unlocking process. Its step-by-step guide (with images) is easy for any non-techie user to follow. Here’s an infographic to give you an overview:

The unlocking procedure wipes your Android device to a clean slate–all personal data on the device (e.g., apps, text messages, personalized settings) will be deleted. The developer site explains that data wiping is done to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool, even if HTC itself provides the service, may void all or parts of your warranty.

While HTC has promised to help its customers unlock the bootloaders on their HTC devices, some carriers and mobile network operators may have placed restrictions on certain HTC devices, making the devices unlockable. Though, HTC is coordinating with its partner carriers for implementing its unlocked bootloader policy.

The online bootloader unlocking tool requires an Internet connection, as part of the process requires the user to submit a device identifier token to HTC servers. HTC recommends using a direct connection (e.g., home connection) for the process, which requires single-IP authentication.

Whether you unlock your HTC device’s bootloader the official HTC way, or through some other method, one benefit awaits your unlocked device: ability to install a custom or modified version of Android.

Have you tried unlocking your HTC device with the new tool? How was it?

Image credit: HTC Dev