HTC has always been big on audio, going so far as to purchase a controlling interest in Beats a few years back. With that purchase, they hoped that mobile audio performance was a big deal to us, and were hedging bets on the future. Well, it really wasn’t as important as HTC hoped. Sure, we like a good sound coming from our device, but it just wasn’t paramount, as HTC found with their failed Rezound device.

Though they have had a few setbacks, HTC continues to lead the way in mobile audio. Be it YouTube or music, we love great mobile sound. With the HTC One, the device manufacturer hopes to strike a chord with their dual front-facing speakers, called BoomSound.

It’s slightly brilliant, really. It can be quite annoying to cup your hand, or depend on a solid surface, to reverberate sound from the back of a device. If the speakers are facing forward, like the screen is, the audio volume is much better. With two speakers, and built-in amplifiers, the quality should be great as well.

Does it really make a difference? We think so. Our Kristopher Wouk called them the “best speakers I’ve ever heard on a phone”. That’s high praise.

For more info on the HTC One, including BoomSound, check out our review, as well as the video below