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Looking at the spec sheet of the HTC One, you’ll come across some pretty peculiar marketing jargons, such as Blinkfeed, Ultrapixel, and Zoe. The first one refers to the new Flipboard-like homescreen on the flagship device, while the last two refer to HTC’s camera sensor and picture sharing features.

The phone maker recently said that there’ll only be one One-branded device coming out this year, but it doesn’t mean that the accompanying features won’t be introduced on its future phones.

Starting with Blinkfeed, HTC UK and Ireland director Phil Roberson reveals that the company is eager to bring the service to “as many products as possible.” Seeing that Blinkfeed is an integral part of Sense 5 UI, which we know will make its way to other HTC devices, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Things are a little bit more challenging when it comes to the Ultrapixel technology, which is dependent on the hardware currently only found on the HTC One. However, you can still look forward to certain elements from the camera making it to other handsets – even the mid-range ones.