It’s no longer a secret that HTC had to delay the initially planned One release because of component shortages, but thankfully it seems the Taiwanese have finally managed to iron out all the kinks and get the phone ready to fulfill its destiny. The splendid 4.7-incher is still available only for a handful of people around the world, but things are set to change by the end of this month.

US, Canada, India and now China are just some of the major mobile markets that are nearly guaranteed to have the One up for sale in April. As far as China is concerned though, nothing is yet set in stone, with the exact launch date likely to be revealed on the 24th.

That’s when HTC plans to hold a special press conference in Beijing, but something tells me that the actual release will happen soon after, or maybe even during the exact same day. In fact, HTC did mention back in March that it will be looking to make the 4.7-incher available in China before May 1, though obviously a lot of things have changed in the meantime.

Mum’s the word for now on pricing, but we do know all of the nation’s important carriers – China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom – will be offering the beast in a subsidized form. Also, at least one of the three versions, Unicom’s 802w, is to come with, let’s say, slightly upgraded specs compared with the international variant.

There will be a microSD card slot inside the One 802w for expanding the internal storage and dual SIM slots, while the back cover will be removable. Still, that last detail is not much of an upgrade, given the battery itself will be bolted and hence not user-removable.

Even though this isn’t confirmed news for now, Focus Taiwan says the One on the other two carriers will look the same as on China Unicom, which does sound logical.

Another thing we know (this one for sure) is that the 16 GB One flavor, released in Taiwan recently, won’t be coming to China. It remains to be seen if the 64 GB variant is headed that way or if the model packing 32 GB of on-board storage will be the sole One representative around those parts.

But before anything, let’s all take one more look at HTC One’s video review. All done? Good, now let’s hear it from the folks who are determined to purchase the 4.7-incher, in China or anywhere else. What exactly is it that seals the deal for you? And for all the others, an even more pertinent question – why are you not willing to give the thing a chance?

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