Several days ago, right after the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was displayed publicly for the first time, HTC announced that they had to “figure out what they had to do about Android 4.0.” This comment left many HTC owners on edge, as their statement was ambiguous and didn’t answer whether HTC devices would be receiving Android 4.0 or not.

However, some good news has since been revealed after that mini-catastrophic public relations nightmare, and HTC has since stated the following:

“Since Google unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich earlier this week, HTC has been looking closely at the new OS’s features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans. We’re a recognized industry leader in providing fast and consistent upgrades to our Android devices, and Ice Cream Sandwich will be no different.

Upgrades require a careful balance of hardware and software to ensure the best possible performance and usability, so please stay tuned as we assess our product portfolio. Our goal is to upgrade as many HTC devices as possible and we’ll be sharing details on specific devices and timing in the coming weeks!”

There had been substantial speculation on the time frame of when HTC – and any other manufacturers’ – devices will get Ice Cream Sandwich. Many are speculating that older phones, like the Desire HD, could never be upgraded at all, and be left to the imaginative coding of 3rd party developers to make it reality for those looking to get more life out of their aging Androids. Apparently though, for the majority of devices, owners will be looking at a 6 month approximate time frame before they see Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 on their device.

There’s no question about it — HTC has a situation on their hands, but their reasoning for the delay was so that they can take the time on getting the right updates for the right phones, as well as provide the best experience without any first time “glitches or bugs”.

It seems that HTC was unprepared for this launch, and is rushing to make their move. However, it is good that they are taking their time to get errors out before the over the air update.

It remains to be seen as to whether HTC will continue with their Sense custom overlay. Still – of the many out there – it is considered the best, and has been a strong selling point and differentiator for HTC. Chances are, they are scrambling to get a new build out the door – that will play nice not only with Android 4.0 – but their older hardware as well. Considering they are one of the largest Android developers out there – I have no doubt they will pull it off.

Do you think your HTC device will receive Android 4.0? Do you believe in HTC’s delay? Let us know in your comments!

Will G.
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