Back in May we heard a report suggesting that HTC’s upcoming Android Wear device would offer both a polycarbonate and metal option. It was also revealed that the watch would come in a rounded form-factor, similar to the Moto 360. Now a new image has made its way to the net courtesy of Evan Blass (Evleaks) which shows off an HTC watch with a square design.

The watch seems to sport a premium looking band, though its square shape doesn’t seem much different from what we’ve seen with the Gear Live and G Watch. Before we get too carried away, it’s important to point out that the image is an artist’s rendition of the watch and not a real press-quality render, though supposedly the “hardware is a 100% faithful reproduction.” At least according to Evleaks, the UI shown off on the watch is just a placeholder though, as the actual watch will run the same non-altered Google Wear UI we’ve seen with other devices.

So is this image legit? While we can’t say for sure, we have our suspicions. For one thing, if HTC was just going with a square design, you think they would have wanted to get it out ahead of the Moto 360, so that way it wasn’t overshadowed. Bottome-line, until we have a true render or leaked image, it’s important to take this entire report with a grain of salt.

What do you think, like the design or are you hoping that it’s a fake and that HTC is really working on a rounded watch?

Andrew Grush
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