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HTC, the makers of the One X, still the best Android smartphone around, have just revealed the complete schedule for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their devices. The roadmap shows the HTC smartphones that are capable of handling the latest version of Android, with most devices set to receive it towards the end of the upcoming summer season.

The update to Ice Cream Sandwich is hotly anticipated by Android fans across the globe, bringing new features to their smartphones including a revamped user-interface, home screen folders and favorites tray, new lock screen actions, improved text input and spell-checking, a unified calendar, improved camera capabilities, and much more.

We’ve already seen Ice Cream Sandwich running on HTC’s latest devices, like the One X, One S and One V, which gave us the impression that HTC is gearing up for its big comeback, after some months of struggle in the past year.

Here’s the full, updated table, directly from the official HTC blog:



DROID Incredible 2 by HTC To be determined (by the end of August)
HTC Amaze 4G May-June
HTC Desire S June-July
HTC Desire HD July-August
HTC EVO 3D June-July
HTC EVO 4G+ May-June
HTC EVO Design 4G June-July
HTC Incredible S June-July
HTC Sensation March-June
HTC Sensation 4G March-June
HTC Sensation XE March-June
HTC Sensation XL April-Jun
HTC Rezound June-July
HTC Rhyme June-July
HTC Thunderbolt July-August
HTC Velocity 4G March-June
HTC Vivid March-June

HTC has already started rolling out the ICS update to devices like the HTC Amaze 4G, HTC EVO 4G+, HTC Sensation, HTC Vivid and more. But devices like the Desire S, EVO 3D, and many others will only receive Android 4.0 starting this June up to August. Also, most devices here were announced in the past year or so, except the Thunderbolt and Incredible 2. All these devices meet the minimum system requirements for the latest Android version – 256 MB RAM and a decent GPU for hardware-accelerated 2D drawing.

Although the listed schedule from HTC  doesn’t offer any exact rollout dates for the much-craved Ice Cream Sandwich updates, it’s still good to see precisely which devices will get the coveted ticket to the ICS club.