HTC and Apple

While Samsung and Apple’s patent war continues to wage on, HTC and Apple settled their differences last month with a ten-year patent licensing deal. Now a court in California has ordered that the HTC-Apple patent agreement must be disclosed in the upcoming Samsung-Apple hearing on December 6th.

Judge Lucy Koh stated the pricing and royalty terms will not be revealed, as these could harm future negotiations and agreements for the parties involved. That said, there is no compelling reason why the rest of the agreement can’t be released to the public.

The upcoming December 6th hearing will make a decision on whether Apple’s request for a permanent U.S. sales ban on eight Samsung smartphones should be granted. Samsung has argued that Apple’s patent licensing agreement with HTC is highly relevant to Apple’s request to block Samsung from selling these handsets.

What do you think of the upcoming hearing, does Apple have any chance at winning this? Or will Samsung be able to successfully use information from the licensing agreement against Apple?

Andrew Grush
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