Aside from China and India, the rest of the world seems to be shunning HTC’s offerings.  Already we’re seeing the Taiwanese firm ditching its offices and pulling out of markets in South Korea and Brazil in the past couple of months alone. So it’s not at all surprising to hear about the company’s future plans.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, HTC reveals that it will start focusing more on markets where there’s still a fighting chance to flourish.  HTC now has its eyes set on landing on the coveted top 2 position in China — based on revenue — by 2015, a move that is possibly triggered by the sales performance of the Desire series in the country.

The strategies to capture a bigger slice of the Chinese smartphone market have been laid out, which include increasing its retail presence in China. The company plans to have 3,500 branded sales counters throughout the mainland by the end of 2012 from the current 2,700 counters. The struggling phone maker is also looking to expand its engineering team in China.

Though the Chinese market has been more receptive towards low to mid-range HTC phones, the company is also aiming to bolster its high-end offering and placing it on the same pedestal as the iPhone and the Galaxy S series.

Putting their money on China certainly isn’t a bad bet to make, given that the region has certain affinity towards Android phones. Android rules the sales landscape with 81% market share in Q2 2012. However, it’s not going to be an easy fight to the top, as HTC will have to fend off tough challenges from local manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE with their home court advantages. Time will tell whether HTC can improve its current #8 standing in the Chinese smartphone market.