Better images can now be taken with your HTC EVO 3D phones. XDA Developers member Igor Bezkrovny has successfully allowed the camera application on the HTC Amaze 4G to run on the HTC EVO 3D.

The ported app can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted EVO 3D handsets.  According to Bezkrovny, users of non-rooted EVO 3D units can simply install the Android Package (APK) file that he has created.  Owners of rooted EVO 3D handset can either install the APK file or flash the ZIP file containing the app.

Some of the modifications include changing the 3D resolution to 2048×1152, long-pressing to capture photos, and setting the JPEG quality to 100%.

The developer, however, has noted some problems with the modded app. For the 3D camera mode, face and blink recognition are defective. Also, the panorama and portrait scene settings are not functional.

On an HTC Evo 3D running on a CDMA connection, the panorama feature crashes in the 2D camera mode. BurstShot and SmartShot also do not work well due to the lack of updated kernels containing zero shutter lag drivers.

The ported app seems to still undergo continuous improvement, and the developer has promised fixes in the upcoming versions.

Have you tried this mod on your HTC EVO 3D?  Or, are you content with the EVO 3D’s stock camera features?

Carl Parker
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