HTC Magic

HTC Magic

We just got confirmation from HTC’s Eric Lin stating that the Microsoft Exchange support found in CNET Asia’s Singapore market HTC Magic is indeed meant to be standard on that version of the phone.

According to Eric, the phones that lack the “with Google” branding are going to be offered with additional HTC developed functionality, such as the Exchange client seen by CNET Asia.

To quote Eric Lin:

The Vodafone version of Magic has “with Google” on the back, like the G1. This simple phrase indicates that the phone has a pure Google experience – no customizations have been made to the software. The Magic being sold in most of Asia is not a Google experience phone so we have started to put some of the HTC special sauce into Android. That Magic has Exchange support, a much more responsive and full featured camera application, a custom dialer application with smart dial and additional widgets as well.

Some of our readers have confirmed that a few of the baked ROMs for the G1 and Magic out there are based on HTC’s Singapore market ROM and do indeed offer Exchange support.

Eric also pointed out that Exchange is specicially mentioned on this HTC Magic page on the HTC website.  That page also notes that the on-screen keyboard has predictive text functionality.