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HTC teases curvy device is on its way, plastic-clad HTCAce M8 incoming?

HTC has started teasing a new device with a curvy design, meanwhile a new image of the M8 Ace has shown up with a vertically curved back in tow.
May 20, 2014

The HTCOne M8 isn’t even two months old yet, but that’s not stopping rumors that suggest HTCis preparing several new One M8-related variants. Aside from the recently released HTCOne Mini 2, the rumor mill also claims an HTC One M8 Prime and M8 Ace are both in the works as well.

Focusing on the latter of these devices, it seems that HTCmight have officially began teasing the Ace. Taking to Twitter, the company posted an image that contains a quote from Edward George Bulwer-Lytton: “In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.” HTCfollows this by saying “more beautiful curves coming soon”.

At face value, this teaser could be talking about anything, but digging a bit deeper we find evidence that points to the M8 Ace.

HTC M8 Ace shows off packing curvy plastic design

As it turns out, today a high resolution photo of the M8 Ace’s rear leaked out, thanks to the Chinese-site ifanr. The rear of the handset shows a beautiful looking red casing that appears to be made from polycarbonate and features a vertically curved back that could make holding the device even easier than the One M8.


Additionally, the back also differs from the One M8 in that it ditches the 4MP Ultrapixel Duo Camera in favor of a single rear cam and the power button’s position has also been rearranged. Whether the remaining rear camera is still packing the UltraPixel setup or has instead been switched for a more traditional (higher-MP) shooter remains unseen.

So what else can we expect from the plastic-clad M8 Ace? While the photo or HTC’s teaser doesn’t give us much else to go by, previous rumors claim the device will feature the same 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 SoC and 5-inch 1080p display as the original One. The biggest difference between the One M8 and Ace M8 will be the body-style, with the Ace also reportedly offering more aggressive pricing than both the One M8 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

But why plastic?

Does the idea of a plastic HTCM8 variant make sense? Honestly, yes. While there are many folks that prefer aluminum if given the chance, not everyone feels this way. If the plastic version can offer a slightly cheaper price tag, similar specs and addresses perceived One M8 issues (Ultrapixels, non-removable battery, etc) — it could potentially be a solid alternative for those not impressed by the One M8 but looking for something outside of Samsung’s camp.

It’s important to note that HTChas yet to confirm the existence of the M8 Ace, so we’d take everything you’ve heard above with a grain of salt. Thankfully, HTC’s teaser says we don’t have too long of a wait until we find out more, one way or another.